Another Writer Starts A Blog

Welcome, everyone, to my new little blog… here’s a little bit about me and what the blog will be about.

I’m David, a 40-something bachelor. Following a layoff earlier this year, I’ve decided to make use of my abundant free time in between searching for a new position to chase a long-term dream: being an author.

I’ve been a fan of fantasy since my teens, when I was laid up with an injury and my mother bought me a copy of The Hobbit to read while convalescing. Sci-fi followed soon after, though I can’t remember the exact book that got me started on it, I do remember that Dune was one of the first ones. I’ve been a “bookwyrm” ever since. I’ve even turned my love of books into a fairly steady if unpaid position as a reviewer for Otherwhere Gazette.

So far I’ve got nearly 30,000 words of my first project for publication written, tentatively titled Librarian. If all goes well, it’s to be the first book of a trilogy.

The storyline is fairly common epic fantasy: a quest to save the world. The main difference is in my main hero character. He (like me) is a middle-aged and disabled, though the people in the world he lives in use the older word “crippled.” Specifically, he has a bad left leg, which is not my disability, but I do know people with similar disabilities.

Unlike me, he is a librarian in the main library of the Guild of Magicians. Because of this, he’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of magic, which will serve him well when he’s asked to retrieve a book of magic from a nobleman. The Guildmaster says it’ll be an easy trip. Of course, it turns into anything but, or there wouldn’t be much of a story.

I’ve decided that the best way to make this a successful venture is to devote several hours every weekday to writing, just like it was my regular day job. (If any potential employers have searched my name and found this, let me assure you: if I get a new day job, no writing will be done during working hours.) I’ve also gathered a few friends, both new and old, who will be helping me polish the story to where it’s something they’d buy.

The idea behind the blog is, honestly, to introduce myself and the book to readers who might be interested in it. I’ll also be writing from time to time about things I learn about writing (sounds kind of redundant, doesn’t it?), since I’m sort of learning as I go. I’ll probably also ask for feedback from potential readers, to help me fine-tune the story into something other readers will enjoy as much as I will. And once in a while I may blog about something else I find of interest. It’ll be sort of stream-of-consciousness, whatever is on my mind when I decide to post something.

So please, join me on the ride.



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2 responses to “Another Writer Starts A Blog

  1. KnowTheQuestion

    I’m very excited about your upcoming novel, Mr. Bookwyrm. I look forward to reading your updates.

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