Grinding It Out

One of my own sayings about writing is, “When the ideas are flowing freely, it’s a lot of fun. When they stop flowing, writing because as hard as any other work I’ve done.” Today was a mixed bag, but mostly grinding.

The morning started well, I had a good idea of what I wanted to do and my muse was on my shoulder whispering ideas in my ear. Then came distractions, interruptions, and last-minute errands, and by the time I got back to the PC, my muse had gotten bored and gone off to do something else, so I was left with a grind for the remainder of the writing day.

As the quote this morning said, though, if you don’t persevere through the grinding portion of writing, you just don’t want it enough, so I put my head down and bulled my way forward, muse or no muse.

But, for all the difficulties, I’m satisfied with what I ground out today. I even wrote in a scene I hadn’t planned on writing until I sat back and asked, “what now?” as I mentioned yesterday. The new scene just seemed necessary to the story, even though I hadn’t realized it till I was at the point where it needed to go. My muse is funny like that sometimes, she likes to spring surprises on me. Still, I think it turned out pretty good, and I hope it will be even better after rewriting.


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