Five star reviews and the lazy author

This young lady reblogged my comments on authors needing a thick skin yesterday, and today she’s expanding on that article in a way that is truly worth reading. Check it out!

My path to self publishing Multicultural YA, Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

I’ve been lucky enough to be apart of strong communities of both traditionally published, and self published authors.

I recently read, liked, and re blogged a post from fellow blogger ABookWyrmWrites.

In this post, it stated that authors, specifically indie ones, are often targets of online harassment, trolling, and other ways of putting that perhaps they were unhappy with the way a review was given. My question is, as long as given constructively, why are authors allowing “perfect” reviews to validate their writing, while questioning the intelligence of reviewers whom are(or at least should be) giving them the tools they require to improve their skills as a writer.Recently I read Tiger’s Quest. It is a sequel to a book with the same theme, a teenager whom must help two brothers break a curse that turned them into tigers. I loved both the first in the series, and it’s sequel…

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  1. Thanks for catching my mistake. Hence why we need editors ;p

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