Good Reviews From Alpha Readers

Well, so far two of what I am calling “alpha readers,” since they’re the first ones to read the first draft of the story, have told me that the story is good and it shouldn’t have any problem selling. Of course, this makes me happy, proud, satisfied… just wait a second while I do a little happy dance.

Of course, I wrote a while back on complacency, so I’m trying not to let it go to my head. Still, it’s made me eager to get the rewrites done and the story in the hands of you, the book-buying public. Mind you, I am still hovering around 38,000 words, so I do need to expand it quite a bit, but I have several ideas on how to do that, some from myself and some coming from my alpha readers. I’m trying to get to 80,000 words, but I’ll be happy with 60,000 if I can’t make it any longer without making it blindingly obvious that I’m stretching it.


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