Building a House and Building a Story

I’ve come up with a good simile for my style, at least, of writing. It’s like building a house.

My first draft is the framing for the house. Many authors would do that with an outline, so far I’ve found it easier to just write the backbone of the story than to outline it.

The rewrite I am doing now is putting the walls on the framing. I’ve got the basic structure of the story, now it’s time to actually build the rest of it.

After that will come little tweaks, what I call choosing the color of the carpet.

To me, this procedure is working right now. I might change the way I do things on a future book, but for now, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

On a related note, posting may be light for a few days as I concentrate on the rewrite. Or it might not. Depends on how things go.


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