How Not To Get Business If You’re A Freelancer

Pardon me while I vent a little bit. I won’t mention any names, so if you’re the person I’m venting at, if you self-identify it’s on you.

There’s a fairly new website where writers, editors, graphic designers and others can post jobs they want done, or jobs they’re willing to do. Sort of an Elance for just those of us in the writing trade.

There’s an editor, who shall not be named, on this website, which also shall not be named, offering editorial services for a very reasonable price. I was interested, so I sent this editor an email through the site’s own messaging, since they don’t give out email addresses.

That was last Wednesday. I just checked and there are no messages waiting for me on that website. I also haven’t gotten anything in direct email from this editor, though it was a long shot that he/she would be able to find my email address.

This is quite disappointing, to say the least. I’m probably going to use this website to advertise when I’m ready for a professional editor, and if I get an inquiry from this particular editor, I’m honestly not going to look too favorably on his/her offer, unless they have a dynamite reason for not replying. They’ve already shown me that they’re not good at responding in a timely fashion.

Mind you, I don’t think I’m jumping the gun here… This person has had well over three business days to reply. If you’re trying to work as a freelancer and not checking your messages at least once a day, it doesn’t seem that you’re that eager for the business.

Consider this a cautionary tale if you’re offering your services as a freelancer. If you don’t send a timely reply to an inquiry, you’re likely to lose a customer, and that’s money you’ve lost that you probably can’t get back.


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