You Have To Be A Little Crazy To Do This…

…and by a little crazy I mean you have to have other people in your head.

In September 2012, I had the pleasure of seeing Jeff Dunham at the Western Washington Fair, with a couple of friends from that area. It was part of a trip I made there to visit a friend who’s since passed on.

One of the things I remember about that show was the way Jeff would sometimes laugh just before he or whatever dummy he was using at the time delivered the punchline. He actually explained it during the show, and if memory serves, the explanation went something like, “Sometimes I hear the punchline just a split second before you do.” Obviously, he was ad-libbing that part of the show.

Writing is a lot like that. I’ve got this cast of characters running around in my head. Some I had at the beginning of the project (my main hero, of course), others came along when the story told me that I needed someone. And now that they’re there, they’re telling me what they’d do in this situation or that one.

Now, if I was to tell that to a psychiatrist or psychologist, I think I’d be told that I’m showing signs of multiple personality disorder. However, if I mention it to another author, the response is something like, “yeah, me too.”

So I guess there’s one qualification in common between being a ventriloquist and an author… you have to be a little bit crazy. Funny thing, I don’t mind a bit.



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5 responses to “You Have To Be A Little Crazy To Do This…

  1. Writers are all a little nuts. Some more than a little. Most can fake it a bit in polite company. But we’re all a bit crazy. It’s part and parcel of the breed.

  2. Sometimes I get the entire novel pouring out as fast as I can type. I don’t tell people that. It’s not supposed to be channeled…

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  4. Right oni-ths helped me sort things right out.

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