Speaking of Needing a Second Pair of Eyes…

I just saw a JCPenney (or JCP as they want to be known now) ad on TV. Here’s an image from it (sorry for the poor quality, I took it with my cell phone camera right off the TV), see if you can see the problem.


Spot it yet? If not, here’s a hint.

merriam-webster seperates

I think the word they wanted was “separates.”

Now, if this multi-billion dollar company and the no doubt huge advertising firm they hired to do this ad can make a simple mistake like that, do you really think that you don’t need a second pair of eyes looking at your manuscript? I’m sure the ad firm has spell-checkers on all their computers, and yet that misspelling got on the air.

You really need as many pairs of eyes on your work as you can get, to catch things like that. Mind you, they should be eyes you can trust, and trust to give you honest feedback, but the more the better.


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