Where the Characters Come From: Nyaphie

(Sorry this is late, been a hectic day around here!)

As I mentioned yesterday, a disabled naive mage needs a protector, and for balance in the story, someone to explain the streetwise side of life to him. That’s Nyaphie, my swordswoman.

Nyaphie came about in part because I like playing with stereotypes. The stereotype is that most any sword-swinger in a fantasy book is going to be male, so making one a woman, and making her one of the best with a sword, appealed to me.

As I mentioned earlier, it was also helpful to make her more streetwise than Iriphos, which balances the explanations: Iriphos can explain things about magic to Nyaphie, and Nyaphie can explain about the world beyond the library to Iriphos. That way we don’t have one all-wise character explaining everything, just two people sharing their individual expertise, which I think works much better.

In developing her character, certain things were apparent early on. In order to make it in a profession usually considered to be a man’s profession (I’m not saying I agree with that label, but we can’t deny that it exists), she’d likely be extraordinarily stubborn, and I hope that comes through.

She’s also slow to trust, probably because she’s been working as a sort of covert operative for a while. But the flip side of that is, once she trusts someone, she refuses to give up on them.

Of course, we need a foil for all that honor and duty, and that’s where the thief comes in. 🙂


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