Dreams and Kicks in the Pants

Earlier in the year, when I sat down and started writing Librarian, I had a grandiose dream… that one book was going to make enough to allow me to write for a living. Of course, over time the facts have intruded on my dream. While it’s possible I’ve written the next Hunger Games, it’s far more likely that I’ll only sell a few hundred copies of it.

That’s the way it works sometimes with dreams… you need a big one to get you off your tail and doing something. It’s like the dream provides the kick in the pants to get you to start with what it takes to achieve the dream, though just not in the way you initially thought.

Of course, I still want to make enough off my books to make writing my full time job. But, realistically, it’s going to take more than one book to do that. But at least I got the first one out, and am working on the next book, which I think is a good start on just that sort of catalog of books.

So maybe your dreams never come true the way you dreamed them. That’s OK, because if they motivate you to get going, they still come true in one way or another.


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