Support Independents!

I’ll be honest about it. I just love my neighborhood hole-in-the-wall burger joint. His food is just as good as, and in some cases better than, what you get at [insert fast food place here]. And, looking at it from a monetary standpoint, I’d rather see the owner of the joint, who can usually be found doing the cooking, get the money than some corporation that’s based out of God-knows-where. This isn’t to say that I don’t visit those fast food places from time to time, because sometimes they’re just handier.

I am the same way with books. There are a few traditionally published authors that I read, but the majority of my reading is from independent authors. I’m even quite passionate about telling my friends about their books, because I enjoy them so much. Again, I’d rather see the guy struggling to make a name for himself get my support and money than some middle manager at the publishing company who manages like Dilbert’s boss (not to mention the big boss at the top).

I’ve heard people say that a lot of indy writing is dreck. Heck, I’ve said that before myself. With that said, I think that most of those that are putting out the dreck are dilettantes who are just looking for a quick buck or to be able to say “look, I published a book!”

If you take the time to search out the really good independent authors, though, you’ll find that they’re there, and their stories can be just as engrossing as those from the famous authors… and their books are frequently less expensive, to boot.

Think of it as looking for your favorite independent burger joint, and when you find them, patronize them as often as you can. It’s better than sending your money to someone who had little or nothing to do with the actual work of putting that book in your hand.



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2 responses to “Support Independents!

  1. TK

    I have to ask, who are your favorite independent authors?

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