Roadblocks, and Overcoming Them

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a forum for fantasy writers I hang out at a lot. Recently one of the members was describing his next project idea. Then a while later, he posted that he wasn’t going to do it anymore, because he’d found a plot hole.

I put my own imagination to work and found several ways he could tweak the idea to make it work, and described them. Suddenly he’s enthused again.

Writers always face roadblocks. Yes, even the Big Name Authors do, it’s part and parcel of the process. What separates those with their names on books from those who spend the rest of their lives saying “I coulda been an author” is how the person deals with the roadblock.

The secret — which really isn’t that secret — is to ask yourself as many “what if?” questions as you can about the situation. Chances are one of them will appeal to you, and you’re off again.

Roadblocks aren’t a reason to trash a project. As another forum member pointed out, they’re an opportunity to make it better.


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