Killing Characters Off

As I’ve mentioned before, Raymond Feist’s latest book finally sends his most famous character, Pug of Midkemia, off to his eternal reward. Personally, I don’t mind this, sometimes a character needs to die to move the story forward.

Not everyone seems to agree, tho. Some friends of mine who are fans of Wearing the Cape didn’t like the fact that some main characters died near the end of the first book, but when you get into the later works you see that their deaths helped propel the story — and the protagonist — forward.

Death is a part of life. Often a sad part, but a part nonetheless, and as such it needs to be talked about in fiction, and the characters need to react to the deaths of those close to them. I fully intend to have that dynamic in play in The Heretic’s Challenge.

On another note, blogging may not happen every weekday during NaNoWriMo (the whole month of November), so I’ll apologize in advance.


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