The Weird Places Inspiration Comes From

Earlier this week, Game Show Network introduced a new game show called “1 vs 100.” (Yes, I watch some game shows. I like testing my wits.) One of the oft-repeated phrases in 1 vs 100 is “the money or the mob.” It occurs when the player is given the chance to take their winnings and go home or face the remaining members of “the mob” — which starts at 100 — for another question.

However, that phrase has taken root in my mind, and I am thinking I might work on a cyberpunk story where the protagonist is offered a choice between “the money or the mob,” but the mob won’t be a mob on a game show, but the mafia or a similar organization.

But while mulling it over, it struck me that’s a heck of a place to get inspiration from. What do you think?



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