Daily Accountability, Day 4

Only about 1,100 words today, but I’m prepping in my head for the main character’s crisis of faith which should come in the next scene or two.

I was asked yesterday for more details, and I think I’ll dole them out slowly, in part just because I can, and in part because things are still in flux, and some things may not be decided until I reach the bridge in question, so to speak.

The reason the main character will have a crisis of faith is because he’s a cleric of the god of reason and knowledge in this world. Given that his god is, if not all-knowing, then very close to it, then he probably would have known about the accusation heading for the cleric, so the cleric is wondering why he wasn’t warned… is it a test, has he failed his god in some way, what?

It’s going to be a challenging scene to write, so I’m trying to work out a basic pattern in my mind before I start putting words on screen. I have several errands to take a family member on tomorrow (he’s blind, I’m not letting him drive my car!), so it’ll be a slow writing day, but maybe I can get some planning done as well.


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