Daily Accountability, Day 7

Zero words today. 😦

I’m running up against one of the biggest problems with writing mysteries, even mysteries that are hybrids with fantasies.

You’ve got to plan everything out at least a dozen steps in advance.

I am, at heart, what’s called a “pantser.” That is, I write mostly by the seat of my pants. Sometimes I’ll have a loose outline, but even when that happens I find myself inside a scene changing it, tweaking it, and sometimes tossing it away in favor of something else. Sometimes this style of writing is called “discovery writing,” because you’re discovering the story as you write it.

This just plain doesn’t work well for mysteries. Mysteries require both red herrings and bread crumbs being dropped almost from Page One, and if you don’t do that in the first draft you gotta do a ton of rewriting later, even more than what you would normally do in a first rewrite.

I am thinking of setting the mystery aside for a little while and letting things percolate in the back of my brain while I do some worldbuilding for another idea… and I have plenty of other ideas I could work on.


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