Daily Accountability, Day 12

Another day, another nearly 1,700 words. Not a bad do if I do say so myself.

I figure it’s time to share a little about the work-in-progress (WIP). The basic idea is that wizards are being possessed by demons that are escaping their control a lot more than normal. It falls to a cleric to take up the job of banishing these demons and determining why the control spells aren’t working, and solve it if he can.

Honestly, part of the reason I wanted a cleric as the main character is because of the strain in fantasy literature that paints whatever church exists in the author’s world as the focus of evil. Religion has had a long and positive association with fantasy literature, from the Lord of the Rings to the Narnia books, and I think it’s time for a new infusion.

I may be losing some readers, but honestly, anything you write risks losing some readers, and I’m hoping I also pick up some readers who feel like I do.


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