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Dumb Mistakes from Supposedly “Professional” Writers

One thing that really bugs me is when I find an easily avoidable mistake from a writer who is supposedly a “pro.: Take, for instance, this flub from NBC Bay Area, speaking about young penguins relocating to their permanent home in the SF Zoo:

All five made it to the promise land and are now settling in to their new digs.

Earth to whatever nameless staffer wrote that… it’s promised land, not promise land. It originally referred to the land of Israel in Biblical times, because it was the land that God had promised to the Israelites. Hence, “promised land.”

Okay, end of rant… from me. But if you’ve seen an example of a writing error from someone who should have known better, drop it in the comments!


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I’m Back!

It’s been a long time, but I’m back to writing again.

I was, honestly, pretty down after realizing that Librarian wasn’t ready for prime time, and wouldn’t be until after an extensive rewrite. However, the time and effort spent writing it wasn’t wasted… it was good practice, and there are several concepts from it I want to borrow for my next, as yet untitled, project.

The new story will be a tale of redemption and forgiveness, along with the requisite magic and saving of the world that you expect from most fantasy novels.

Right now I’m still nailing down the details, I expect to start actually writing it early next week. Of course, I’ll also keep updating here as I do it. 😀

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