My Self-Publishing Journey.

Found on Twitter… why one author turned down an offer from a traditional publisher to publish independently. Well worth reading.

R.S. Penney

There are a lot of myths about self-published authors that are generally accepted as conventional wisdom. And since myth-busting is one of my goals, I thought I’d share some of my personal story in the hopes of dispelling some of these pernicious falsehoods. Let’s start with the most common preconception: self-published authors are only self-published because they lack talent.

The most compelling argument I can make against this nonsense is the fact that I was once offered a contract by a traditional publishing house. A mid-sized Canadian publisher, but a traditional publisher nonetheless. I turned that offer down. Why?

One word: corruption.

The contract as written required me to give the publisher a right of first refusal on my next three manuscripts, and I would have to continue pitching manuscripts until they chose three they liked. That means I would have to pitch said manuscripts to their publishing house before…

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