Ya know what’s fun?

When a scene goes off in a completely different direction than what you’d planned, that can be a heck of a lot of fun… at least I think it can.

I just wrote one that had started off as a simple “let’s get the story from point A to point B” scene, but somehow my characters took over and started an in depth conversation that, looking at it now, probably added a lot to the story that wasn’t there before.

The fun thing is, I hadn’t intended to write that at this point. In fact, I hadn’t intended to write it at all, it just wasn’t on my radar. Now that it’s written, though, I can see the need for it, and I’m glad that my characters took the initiative to push me to tell that part of their story.

(Non-writers probably think I’m nuts about now, talking about my characters as if they’re separate people. Most writers are probably nodding their heads, though.)


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