I Dislike Deleting Words.

But that’s how my day started. Yesterday I wrote some really good stuff, but today I trashed a lot of it.


Because I decided I was revealing too much too soon. A story has its own timing, and if you reveal things too early or too much at one time, it can be bad for the story (even if you avoid the dreaded infodump).

A writer has to be careful, we have to be sure to control the information the hero needs to finish his quest, not just from the hero but from the reader. Think about it, how satisfying would it be if the writer gave the whole story away in the first couple of chapters?

At the same time, the writer can’t let too long go by without some piece of the puzzle being offered. But that wasn’t my problem today.

In any event, painful as it was to delete my own words, I think the story will be better for it in the end.


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One response to “I Dislike Deleting Words.

  1. schillingklaus

    I love reading massive infodumps; ergo, I will not be deterred by any of your taste dictatorship from info-dumping shamelessly and religiously.

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