When Characters Introduce Themselves

I just had an interesting experience… a character I didn’t have in the first draft of Librarian came up to Roncen and basically weaved himself into the story. He’s a young thief that will be serving as an apprentice to Roncen. This was a bit of a tough decision for me to make, because as I indicated in the post about how I came up with Roncen (linked above), I said I like playing with (i.e. breaking) stereotypes, and the young thief is kind of a stereotype in fantasy, so in a way I’m bowing to one instead of breaking it.

On the other hand, he’s just come into the story and I’m not really sure how his part of the story is going to unfold yet. I’m hoping I can break away from the usual “young thief” stereotype by making him an apprentice of Roncen, so he’s not the young know-it-all that we see often in other fantasy novels. Or maybe he just thinks he knows it all but will be corrected often.

But I’m getting off topic. I certainly wasn’t expecting another major character to come up and introduce himself, so as I said it was kind of an interesting experience. I’m looking forward to see how he works himself into the story.


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