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Morning Quote 10/31/13

Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes.

  • Benjamin Franklin

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October 31, 2013 · 7:33 am

Morning Quote 10/29/13

The job of the writer is to kiss no ass, no matter how big and holy and white and tempting and powerful.

  • Ken Kesey, in “Ken Kesey, The Art of Fiction No. 136” by Robert Faggen, in The Paris Review No. 130 (Spring 1994)

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October 29, 2013 · 8:12 am

Morning Quote 10/28/13

A writer — and, I believe, generally all persons — must think that whatever happens to him or her is a resource. All things have been given to us for a purpose, and an artist must feel this more intensely. All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art.

  • Jorge Luis Borges, Twenty Conversations with Borges, Including a Selection of Poems : Interviews by Roberto Alifano, 1981–1983 (1984)

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October 28, 2013 · 7:37 am

Morning Quote 10/25/13

The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense.

  • Tom Clancy

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October 25, 2013 · 8:21 am

Morning Quote 10/24/13

You can’t try to do things; you simply must do them.

  • Ray Bradbury

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October 24, 2013 · 11:39 am

Morning Quote 10/23/13

Tell the readers a story! Because without a story, you are merely using words to prove you can string them together in logical sentences.

  • Anne McCaffrey

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October 23, 2013 · 8:12 am

Morning Quote 10/22/13

Zest. Gusto. How rarely one hears these words used. How rarely do we see people living, or for that matter, creating by them. Yet if I were asked to name the most important items in a writer’s make-up, the things that shape his material and rush him along the road to where he wants to go, I could only warn him to look to his zest, see to his gusto.

  • Ray Bradbury

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October 22, 2013 · 8:02 am