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My Self-Publishing Journey.

Found on Twitter… why one author turned down an offer from a traditional publisher to publish independently. Well worth reading.

R.S. Penney

There are a lot of myths about self-published authors that are generally accepted as conventional wisdom. And since myth-busting is one of my goals, I thought I’d share some of my personal story in the hopes of dispelling some of these pernicious falsehoods. Let’s start with the most common preconception: self-published authors are only self-published because they lack talent.

The most compelling argument I can make against this nonsense is the fact that I was once offered a contract by a traditional publishing house. A mid-sized Canadian publisher, but a traditional publisher nonetheless. I turned that offer down. Why?

One word: corruption.

The contract as written required me to give the publisher a right of first refusal on my next three manuscripts, and I would have to continue pitching manuscripts until they chose three they liked. That means I would have to pitch said manuscripts to their publishing house before…

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I’m Feeling Good!

On Friday I emailed the first 20,000 words of the (rewritten) Librarian to my semi-pro editor. Last nite I quizzed her about what she’d read so far. The one question that sticks in my mind is when I asked her, “if you’d paid for that book, would you feel cheated?”

Her answer: “No.”

In the end, that’s all I really wanna do: put out a quality product. I figure if I do that, the readers will find it, hopefully (hint, hint) by word of mouth from others.

Anyway, back to work on the rest of the rewrite. 🙂

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Back at writing. Again.

Well, I’ve picked up the pen (metaphorically speaking) on Librarian yet again. And this time I’ve asked a friend to nag me to write, so I’m hoping I can get the rewrite done by the end of the month.

One thing I’ve discovered is that when inspiration fails at home (my usual writing place), it’s time to take the laptop on the road. There’s a local independent coffee shop (i.e. not owned by Starbucks or any of the other big chains) that has free wi-fi, so they’re a nice place to write that’s different from home. The fact that it’s owned by a friend is a plus.

If there are any other writers reading this, what do you do when inspiration runs dry?

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NaNoWriMo, Day 1

Even though I got a late start due to some morning errands, I cranked out something over 2,o00 words today, which isn’t a bad start.

I’m already deviating a little bit from my outline, but I think the way things are going so far are better than what I’d put in the outline. 🙂

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